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Dreams ends and Somnia Begins

December 4, 2010

Hey there folks!I know it’s been a while but I promise you all it was worth it. As I mentioned before I was working at rebranding and I am finally finished I introduce you to Somnia. The same great things you love, just a new name. That’s not all I’ve been working on so lets get to it shall we?

.: Somnia :. Weave Tanks Ad

These tops show off all your assets while leaveing a bit to the imaganation you can also layer them up for a less see thru look. They come in 9 colors and you get them all for only 200L

.: Somnia :. Striped Shorts Ad

I know its starting to get cold out there for most of you but I couldn’t resist these shorts with a chunky stripe pattern in 9 colors. They can all be yours for 200L.

.: Somnia :. Weave Tanks Ad

These tanks have a slightly weaved pattern on them and are for layering under your favorite sweaters or just lounging around your house. You can take home all 5 colors for only 150L.

.: Somnia :. Shabby Kisses Tops Ad

I totally love these muted tops they have a very simple but very girly look to them wth the little bow. There are a total of 6 colors and you can get them all for 150L.

.: Somnia :. Snuzzle Sweaters

These are my favorite item this week super soft sweaters with sclupted cuffs and collars. The collars come in black, white and brown so you can mix them up for a variety of looks. You get all 5 colors for only 175L.

.: Somnia :. Velvet Snow Skirts

These skirts have a texture change belt which you can change from black or brown and while they were made to go with the Snuzzle Sweaters above they are purrfect for all your winter needs. they have a super swany velvet texture covered in snowflakes and come with modifyable glitch pants. You get all 6 colors for 175L.

Moving on to some special events, deals & exclusive stuffs,
I am in Disco Deals again this month which lasts until Sunday and I threw together my favorite mix of the Snuzzle Sweaters & Velvet Snow skirts for Only 85L per set.

.: Somnia :. Velvet Snuzzle Set 1 For Disco Deals

.: Somnia :. Velvet Snuzzle Set 2 For Disco Deals

Also, within the riot room in the basement, I have my ever popular ribbed corsets so bring a few friends and get them for a steal.

.: Somnia :. Ribbed Corsets Ad

Some of the other stores this month are Sn@tch, Dark Mouse, Miao, SySy and more. Check here or just head over to see em all and everything is under 100L.

Also Twisted Krissmuss starts this weekend but I’ve got mine out already so you can get a jump on your christmas shopping.  I thought these would be purrfect for waiting for Santa on christmas eve or lounging around having fun with all your new gifts.

.: Somnia :. Dasia Pyjamas Ad For Twisted Krissmuss

There are a total of 6 colors and you get all of them for only 100L. They have a cute flower stiched on the front with a scalloped edge on the bottom of the top. The bottoms also have a stiched flower on the front as well as a prim tie. These are all no copy so you can give them or keep them. Make sure to click the kiosk for LMs to all the other stores also they all have a transferable item or more than one for 100L to make all your gift giving easy on the pocket as well as fun to do. You can also check out the Twisted Website for more info.

I swear we are almost done. Holiday Hill is now open its a great Christmas themed shopping area with tons of stuff to do also done by Gin Galtier and Johnny Blackheart of .44 Caliber. There are some adorable shops with tons to buy. When your are ready from a break from shopping there are sleigh rides, ski lifts, and you can even ride a sled around the entire sim. I took a ride down a sled when I was all done setting up there and it was so much fun I can’t wait to go back and explore some more. Also I have some Exclusive items there…

The Velvet Snow Skirts & Snuzzle Sweaters I love so much done in christmas red & green only for Holiday Hill 2010 they still come with white, black and brown collars and black and brown belts.

.: Somnia :. Snuzzle Sweaters Exclusive to Holiday Hill

.: Somnia :. Velvet Snow Skirts Exclusive to Holiday Hill

.: Somnia :. Velvet Snuzzle Set Exclusive to Holiday Hill;

You can get just the sweaters or skirts for only 125L or you can buy them both together for only 175L The choice is yours but make sure to grab them now because at the end of Holiday Hill they will disapper forever.
The last thing up for tonight is a brand new system from Kesseret Steeplechase of Miao the Wear & Win system is based on Scratch off tickets just like in RL but to abide by all ToS rules of Linden Labs you don’t win money but you win EXCLUSIVE prizes. I will change these every 2-4 weeks so if you want them make sure to grab them while they are out. This time its 2 sets of the Dasia Pyjamas in exclusive colors they are boxed no copy so you can trade if you win the same one twice or give them away as a gift, but once you rez them they become no transfer. Now you ask how do you get tickets? Well for the next two weeks you get a ticket with every purchace from Somnia and two in each new release as well as the exclusive items for Holiday Hill. You can also buy more tickets for only 20L. You also have a chance to win an extra ticket kinda like winning the face value of a RL scratch off ticket you get a second chance!

.: Somnia :. Dasia Pyjamas Scratch & Win Prize Set 1

.: Somnia :. Dasia Pyjamas Scratch & Win Prize Set 2

One last thing I have all Somnia’s items up on the Marketplace except exclusives so you can shop from the comfort of your own SL home and don’t even need to come into the shop also it makes it easy to send gifts.  This will bring you directly to Somnia’s Marketplace store.
Ok I am gonna go get started on more new things for you all 😀
All my love and thanks

❤ Sanura

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