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Sanura is forgetful

December 8, 2010

Hey guys I totally forgot to let you know I have a new VIP group where I will be sending out regular gifts and stuff. You are welcome to stay in the subscriber group also but that will be only notices.

I will still have the occasional freebies in the store from time to time but I plan to do some exclusive gifts to the VIP group only also there will most likely be a gift a month on average and to start things off I released a special outfit called Holly Snuzzles which includes both the skirt and sweater.

.: Somnia :. Holly Snuzzle Set

You can join the group by copy and pasting this into chat secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about searching for Somnia in groups or from my profile or there is a VIP group join board in the main store also. It is currently free to join but there may be a small fee to join later.

Thank you all for your support much love,
Sanura Snowpaw

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  1. December 8, 2010 5:55 am

    I am in as soon as we get our 40 groups! As it stands, I can only have work groups and those groups that I paid to join and refuse to leave.

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