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January 23, 2011

Heya everyone I know I haven’t been around much RL has really been busy for some reason but I am working on some new stuff and today I have one new set out for Lazy Sunday for only 75L after today it will go back up to its normal pricing. Also I have a mail box out front of Somnia main store next to the giant bunneh, you can drop in suggestions, questions, complaints ect. All you need to do is put them into a notecard, than drag it from your inventory to the mailbox 😀 I can’t wait to hear from you also if I make something you suggest you will get the items for FREE!

.: Somnia :. Dippin Dots Tops Ad

I love these tops and the polka dots are simple and fun. I hope you like them also. These are only at Somnia’s Main Store.

Also there there is a Black & White of the tops that are hunt gifts at my branch location on Reasonable Desires Island they will be out until Feb 21th so you have some time but don’t forget.

Also this will be the last week that the Christmas Leggings & Tees will be out they may or maynot come back next year. I am putting them on sale for 50% off so if you wanted them now is the time to grab them.

All my love & thanks ❤

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