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Somnia Untamed Gatcha

January 30, 2011

Heya everyone I told you I would have some newness out for you all and I do! So lets get to it what do you say?

.: Somnia :. Untamed Heart Ad
I decided to try my hand at some undies and they came out exactly how I wanted soft, comfortable, girly without being overly sexy I hope you like them as much as I do I know I’ve been running around in them for the past few days they are simply so comfortable! All 7 colors for only 200L. Only at Somnia main store.

Last week I told you the christmas tees & leggings were going away and they are gone but in their place I have plain tees & leggings that can be mixed & matched dressed up or down. They come in 25 colors. They are 15L per try in the gatcha machine or 200L for all the tees or leggings or 300L for all the tees AND leggings. Only at Somnia main store.
.: Somnia :. Plain Tees Gatcha Ad
.: Somnia :. Plain Leggings Gatcha Ad
.: Somnia :. Mix & Match Plain Set {Leggings & Tees}

Lastly a reminder that the black and white Dippin Dot Tops from the last notice are still out for free at Reasonable Desires Island grand reopening hunt but only until Feb 21 so grab em before they are gone.

All my love and thanks

❤ Sanura

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