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Somnia Peek Show

February 4, 2011

Hey there my little minions I’ve been a busy kitteh this week even though SL didn’t want me to I fought it and won and was able to get everything out for you guys today. So while SL is playing nice lets get to it alright?

.: Somnia :. Bo Peek Sweaters Ad
These sweaters are by far my favorite this week they have a look of super softness that you can just laze around in but with the unbuttoned front and off the shoulder cut they are purrfect for a night out on the town as well as staying in. They have a sculpted sleeve and come in 7 colors and this weekend only they are at Disco Deals for 95L after they will go up to the normal price.

.: Somnia :. Basic Jeans Ad
I couldn’t believe I had totally forgot to update the basic jeans after the rebrand so here they are complete with sculpted cuffs on the legs. There are 8 colors for only 200L these are only at Somnia Main Store right now.

.: Somnia :. Voodoo Love Necklace Ad
Also out this weekend at Disco Deals for a super discount is this necklace the heart says “love” and the Voodoo doll is color change with 14 color options it includes both chest & spine attach points for only 35L during Disco Deals after that it goes back to its normal price.

If you have never visited Disco Deals this is a great week to do so with great items from Clique, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair, Gesticulate!, GOS, Karizmatik Modern, Miao RiddleSn@tch, Somnia, sur+

And below in the basement is a Riot Room where you can bring all your friends and watch all the prices drop from all the great shops also in Disco Deals.

Somnia’s Riot room item is the Barely There Tops so head on over and find out how low they will go make sure to bring a friend or two also to make the price fall even faster.
.: Somnia :. Barely There Tops Ad

All my love and thanks ❤

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