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Gothic Somnia

February 26, 2011

Hello my little minions,
I was able to work past my computer issues a bit but I will be sending it out this weekend for repair so things might be a little quite over here but hopefully not to much.

Ok away from that depressinness lets get on with the show as they say.

I made these super sexy vests and I just had to do a dark set they came out so freaking great. The best part is they can be dressy or totally casual, businessy or totally slutty. It’s all in how you mix it up. You get all 5 colors for only 150L. They are only available at the Main Store.
.: Somnia :. Gothic Lace Vests

Now onto mixing things up I am going to have a photo contest with 3 prizes one 1000L gift card & 2 500L gift cards. Click here to read the rules.
.: Somnia :. Photo Contest

And don’t forget you have 1 more days to pick up these sets at Chic Limited afterwards they will be gone. They are only 200L per set or you can buy all 4 sets for only 400L
.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty White Reverse
.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty White
.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty Black Reverse
.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty Black
.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty Fat Pack


All my love and thanks ❤

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