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Disco Somnia

May 7, 2011

Hello my fluffy little sunflowers,

❤ I had a few requests for tank tops like the ones at the Albero Gatcha festival but without the ties in the front so I not only did normal ones but I did some in a sheer fabric also!

They are at Disco Deals for the weekend at a very special price of only 80L per pack and after that they will be back in the store at their normal price!
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Lights Ad
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Lights Sheer Ad
They are currently only out at Disco Deals but they will be in the main store at full price after this weekend along with the darker colors.

❤Somnia has 5 items up for donation at Culture Shock with 100% of all of them going towards Doctors without Borders. And make sure to check out the rest of the venue for almost 200 of the grids top designers!
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 1 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 2 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 3 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 4 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Full Set Ad
Only at Culture Shock

❤ The Albero Gatcha Festival is still going on so grab these while you can. Only 15L a try!
.: Somnia :. Ribbed Comfort Ad
Only at the
Albero Gatcha Festival

❤ I’ve still got loads of KittyCatS up for sale with new ones added. So drop by KittyCatS from Somina at Catnip or GTFO and find yourself a brand new friend!

All my love and thanks ❤


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