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Lazy Somnia

May 16, 2011

Hello my beautiful little rain clouds,

❤ So this week nothing seemed to want to cooperate so I put up an older release for Lazy Sunday but they are so yummeh still so I hope you forgive me.
.: Somnia :. Striped Shorts Ad
and you get all of them for only 75L only at Somnia Main Store.

Also out now are the Simply Ribbed Dark Tanks that compliment the lights I did last week for Disco Deals both sets are now on the new release wall in the front of the store.
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Darks Ad
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Darks Sheer Ad
And in case you missed them in the last notice here are the lights packs.
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Lights Ad
.: Somnia :. Simply Ribbed Lights Sheer Ad
All of the above items are only available at Somnia Main Store.

❤Somnia has 5 items up for donation at Culture Shock with 100% of all of them going towards Doctors without Borders. And make sure to check out the rest of the venue for almost 200 of the grids top designers!
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 1 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 2 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 3 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Set 4 Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied with Stars Full Set Ad
Only at Culture Shock

❤ The Albero Gatcha Festival is still going on so grab these while you can. Only 15L a try!
.: Somnia :. Ribbed Comfort Ad
Only at the
Albero Gatcha Festival

❤ I’ve still got loads of KittyCatS up for sale with new ones added. So drop by KittyCatS from Somina at Catnip or GTFO and find yourself a brand new friend!

Seeing as you stuck with this long I will give you this piece of advice I told a friend today. “Sometimes life throws you a curve ball but it’s not about the curve it’s about how you toss it back, so make sure your aim is good!”

All my love and thanks ❤

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