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Somnia is heading to prom!

June 17, 2011

Hello you sexy prom queens & kings,

I’ve got some EXCITING NEWS so lets get to it!

❤ The Pulse/Snatch City Prom Hunt is on NOW. Your Limo!
Pulse/Snatch City Prom Hunt Poster

Participating brands: Sn@tch, -=FORSAKEN=-, Somnia, [GAUZE], INfamous, Dragon Magik, WorldWide Ind., Beauty Killer, VIRUS, LeBloom, Tiphareth Designs and more!

It’s the hunt with a difference here on our sims.
We call this a hunt with a difference because it’s not “grid wide” not everything is a freebie. Each store has graciously given at least two items. Somnia pur out 20 At least one item is free and the others are 100L or less. There are some amazing prizes to be found all in our Prom venue. Just look for our little white corsage boxes scatted all over the gym.

Somnia has 20 boxes out ranging $0L-$95L including full packs, items not in the store and more!

The hunt runs from noon June 15 until June 22, with a culminating prom event starting at 9 p.m. SLT on Wednesday the 22nd. Some of you may remember the Sn@tch Halloween event “Cutting Class” from a few years back… well the St. Jude Beavers are back! We hope that you’ll enjoy the hunt and come to the PROM! The theme is “Enchantment Under the Stars” …aweeeee.

Check out the Blog for lots of pics!Don’t forget your limo!

❤ CH1C ends in just a few days on the 19th so make sure you grab this set before its gone forever!
Only at CH1C
.: Somnia :. The Keira Ad

All my love and thanksSanura

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