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Somnia gets a 10L washin up!

September 8, 2011

Hello all you beautiful little sundrops,

❤I was invited to join the huge 10L even at The Wash and I put out not 1, not 1 but 7 items all for only 10L Including an exclusive version of the brand new Tubular Argyle Mini Dress.

I am so in love with these dresses but this will be the very last one and it is only 10L and EXCLUSIVE to this event once it’s over the dress is gone forever! So grab it now while you can at The Wash! Oh, did I mention that it’s only 10L?

I had been meaning to bring back the Animalistic Corsets for quite a while now but I totally forgot about them until I found them sitting in my inventory. So to make up for the delay I brought them back for this big event and you get all of them for only 10L only at The Wash!

Other items out also for only 10L
.: Somnia :. Voodoo Love Necklace Ad
.: Somnia :. Peace Sign Piercing Ad
.: Somnia :. Become Tattoo Ad
.: Somnia :. Spinal Stars Tattoo Ad
.: Somnia :. DILIGAF Tees Ad

All these items are only at The Wash until Sept. 28th! Make sure you check all around the sim there are so many amazing stores in this event all with items for only 10L!

PS. there is a small free gift there also!

All my love and thanks
❤ Sanura

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