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Happeh Somnia

October 2, 2011

Hello all you beautiful candy drops,

❤ I’m sure many of you have heard of Free*Style but did you know they have been around for 4 years? No? Neither did I but I was still honored to be a part of their very special event named 4.44.444  to celebrate their 4th anniversary! There are items from some of the most amazing shops all for 4L, 44L, or 444L, and even a few freebies tossed in. I made two sets of striped tops which I have to admit I am totally IN LOVE WITH every stripe lines up purrfectly too! So without further ado I give you the photographic proof!

.: Somnia :. Striped Queen Set 1 Ad .: Somnia :. Striped Queen Set 2 Ad

And each set is only 44L during the awesome 4.44.444 event!

❤ I was driving around town this week running a few errands and I couldn’t help but notice the leaves are changing so I knew I had to do something with these beautiful colors so I did an exclusive version of the Striped Queen tops with fall colors just for La Venta Eventa and it is out only this weekend for 45L only at Somnia Main Store. .: Somnia :. Striped Queen Fall Ad

All my love and thanks,

Sanura ❤

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