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Somnia’s piece of The Flesh Game

October 14, 2011

The buzz around the grid at the moment is Halloween and what sort of scary places can we visit.  The place I’m suggesting  –  ‘The Flesh Game‘.  If you want to see a little snippet of what to expect, watch the trailer.

I was lucky enough to be one of the few beta testers for this interactive game.  You roleplay the part of a contestant on a reality TV Series, only people keep going missing and turning up dead.  Can you make it through alive? I was told on many an occasion to slow down as I was impatient and just wanted to see what happened next.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.  Take the time to stop and really look around you and listen.  The creators – Pulse, Snatch City, Nomine Team,   Toxic Candy Games (Formerly Vixen Games),  Hez and Planet Ash – spared nothing in creating this event.  It’s just amazing, freaky, disgusting at times and downright scary at others. I won’t give any more info or spoiler alerts other than REALLY pay attention to the clues you find around you.  If its clickable…CLICK IT….because if you go too fast and forget to click something you won’t get any further!

Now, if you were around for last years Fire in the Mansion you’ll have some sort of idea what to expect.  But for those new to this nightmarish experience – you can also expect to find some great prizes along the way.  Somnia has a heap of goodies scattered through out the TV Set.  All you have to do is pick them up in your travels.

Some prizes found at ‘The Flesh Game’ you may know from the Store already.  But what you won’t see anywhere other than the game is the ‘Striped Queen’ long sleeve shirts.  There are a total of 11 different prizes to collect from Somnia and countless amounts to be collected from various other Creators / Designers that have donated to the game.

Have fun thrill seekers.  I think I may just go back and do it again for the thrill factor!

Arora’s Style Notes:

Items not found at at The Flesh Game –

Skin: Femme Belina, Tan from [CheerNo]

Hair: Morning After, Blonde from (Posh)

Eyes: Dreaming Eyes – Azure from <<<np>>> (negaposi)

Eyelashes: NoAlpha No.1 Lashes from Miamai

Shape: Arora’s Own

Prim Feet: Slink Jolie Pied

Somnia Outfits found at The Flesh Game:

(A) Dasia Pyjamas, Red

(B) Striped Queen Shirt in Black/Orange

(C) Striped Queen Shirt in White/Orange

(D) Basic Jeans Balck { also shown in (B) }

(E) Bo Peek Sweater Blue &  Lace Capris Pink { found seperately }

(F) Ribbed Comfort Yellow

(G) Animalistic Corset Dark Cheetah

(H) Sexy Sweater Vest Green

(I) Plain Tee Storm

(J) Dippin Dots Top Black

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