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Imported from Somnia

October 24, 2011

Hello all you darling little dust bunnehs,

❤ Today is Lazy Sunday and I have some brand new tees for you guys. I was inspired by a tee I saw in RL that read “Imported from Detroit” so I did these but from random other places starting with WoW, Plurk & Glitch. I am totally looking for suggestions for other places also just write them in a notecard and drop it in my suggestion box in the front of the store, as always if I make your suggestion you get it free. Only at Somnia Main Store.

These 2 sets are out for today only for only 75L (actually because I am running behind I will leave them out through Monday also)
.: Somnia :. Imported from... White Text Ad
.: Somnia :. Imported from... Black Text Ad

❤ In case you missed the Striped Queen tops they are now in the store while they aren’t as cheap as they were I think they are still quite cheap!! Not only did I put the ones from the 4.44.444 event in the store I also did some with white stripes because I was asked for them. Only at Somnia Main Store.
.: Somnia :. Striped Queen White Ad

Only 175L for all 7 tops.
.: Somnia :. Striped Queen Black Ad

Only 200L for all 8 tops.

❤ And last but for sure not the least is The Flesh Game if you haven’t been the the annual Halloween Horror persented by the Snatch City, Pulse, Nomine sim cluster you have no idea what you are missing!!
Flesh Game Poster Teaser by Ivey Deschanel

This year we invite you to participate in our 5th annual
Halloween event …The Flesh Game.
We’re going back to basics. It’s a slasher folks! In what
the Best of SL Magazine calls …
“The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!”

Leaked Auditon tape! (a MUST watch!)

You can also check out more videos and info on the Official Flesh Game Facebook Page.

Not only is it amazing fun but there are prizes from Somnia, Sn@tch, !ReToX!, [Gauze], -=Forsaken=-, INfamous, Dragon Magick Wares, LeBloom, Beauty Killer, Fierce Designs, Body Couture, Crave Clothing, SWAK Designs. Hatter ‘n Hell, AIDORU, Lushish Catz, Alloro

These are the Exclusive prizes from Somnia.
.: Somnia :. Striped Queen Ad {The Flesh Game Exclusive}

There is also have a Souvenir Shop at the end this year where you can purchase some fab Halloweenie type things from all our vendors and even buy parts of the Flesh Game set for your own fun at home so please check it out at the end.

All my love and thanks ❤

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