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Trick or Treat!

October 27, 2011

Halloween is fast approaching and Somnia has joined up with .:Zanzibar creationZ:. to bring you some great little treats.  For those wondering – There is a Trick or Treat neighbourhood being set up in SL for kids, families, big kids…anyone really….to come and enjoy some good old fashioned trick or treating.  The sim is complete with neighbourhood streets that feature mini houses all of which have been adorned with trick or treat goodies for young and old to enjoy.  Simple wander the streets and check out each house and see what presents you can find.  Your trick or treat goodies come in the form of cupcakes and skulls scattered on front lawns and porches.

There is also activities and fun stuff to be found in the gardens, parks and back corners of the neighbourhood so make sure you check out everything while you are there.  Stop by Somnia’s little house of horrors and pick up some cuteness!  Tee’s by Somnia and with a little gift to accompany it from .:Zanzibar creationZ:.

Trick or Treat sim opens October 30th.  Come visit the Somnia main store and touch the sign to grab a LM, info notecard and your free trick or treat bag ready to fill with all your goodies.

Treat #1

Ghost Tee – available on all layers as always accompanied with a little ghost you can wear on your shoulder.  Touch him and he’ll talk randomly in local chat with you and your friends.  Suitable for all ages.

Treat #2

This is my Costume Tee – available on all layers as always.  This one is for those that want to dress up but just can’t decide what to wear or don’t have the time and energy.  Simply wear your tee, attach a balloon to your heand and you’re done!  Suitable for all ages.

Treat #3

Pumpkin Tee – available on all layers as always.  Top off your costume with a cute little pumpkin hat.  Suitable for all ages.

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