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November 17, 2011

OHAI, My name’s Arora.  Also known as Rors or Rawrs or affectionately known as ‘Sanura’s Pitt Bull’ from Sanura herself.

Approx 2 years ago I ventured out to my first ever SL Fashion show.  This was a fashion show with a difference though.  Sanura, our fearless leader at .:Somnia:. (then known as *Dreams*) had put together a fundraiser called Wear Gray for a Day.  As part of this fundraiser there was a fashion show with designs from creators across the grid that were auctioning off their designs to help raise funds.  So there I am sitting in the crowd dressed in my finest gray dress and at the end of the show they announce the organiser is next on stage.  Out walks this teeny little neko with pure white hair, and big fluffy white paws.

Fast forward, oh I dunno 24hours or so, and I find myself walking into this little store with a big fluffy cloud logo and this massive rainbow bridge spanning across the top of the room and I thought….OOO CUTE!  I have absolutely no idea how or when we crossed paths but it was only a couple of months after that fashion show and I met the little white neko in person and instantly knew that a friendship of EPIC lols was about to form.

So here we are, 2 years or so on and Sanura and I are basically joined at the hip.  Speaking of hips I am constantly messaging her and passing a picture to her and asking…Does this make my ass look huge?

She’s always tells me the truth, which usually results in me changing my outfit because she notices something, or has a better option.  To which I then send yet another picture and go….OK how about this then!

She always knows just what to say!  It’s this quality that I most admire about her.  She’s not afraid to tell me the truth.  Now during our time together we have worked on a second Wear Gray for a Day fundraiser, we’ve sent each other parcels from across the globe, we talked on the phone because I fail at knowing that a giant storm in Boston is no where near where she lives.  but hey – nothing like a random phone call at god only knows what time, I kinda forgot to think of the time difference and just called, and have some crazy Aussie yelling at you OMG ARE YOU IN THE STORM ARE YOU OK?  Not to mention that I somehow became her personal secretary, diary, calendar and reminder service.  All of which came with the awesome ability to post on her blog.

One of these days she will regret that.  But for now I chuckle and take full advantage of it.

Now I could lounge around here and gab on about how awesome Sanura and her little shop of dreams, Somnia, is but I’d probably bore you to death.  Either that or you’ll just ignore my ramblings and roll your eyes, which most people do when I ramble on about Sanura anyway.

So I bid you all a fond farewell as I sign off with one last thing to say.  ALL CLOTHING items shown here are from the talented little white neko herself.  She doesn’t give herself enough credit, so please visit Somnia and see for yourself.  She really does cater for just about any outfit option.  Oh and she has washing machines that vibrate when you sit on them.  The best kind of washing machine in my opinion!

PIC #1 – Tubular Argyle Mini Dress

PIC #2 – Argyle Dippin Top & Tweed Waders

PIC #3 & 4 – Seraphim Tank & Basic Jeans

PIC #5 – Bo Peek Sweater & Tweed Waders

PIC #6 – Imported From Plurk Tee & Striped Shorts

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