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Somnia & Miao get sexy

November 28, 2011

Hai my beautiful little drops of star dust,

❤ My good friend Kesseret Steeplechase asked me if I could make a little lingrie set to go with a pose prop she did and of course I said yes!

Miao & .: Somnia :. Sexy Cat Holidays Set
It is out now for Moody Monday so will be taken down on Tuesday when we wake up and it is only 54L for the ENTIRE SET!

Only at Miao & Somnia.

Check out Shopping Cart Disco for pics and list of all the other awesome stores in Moody Mondays this week.

❤ La Venta Eventa is still going on until the weekend ends weekend. So make sure you grab these sets before they go up to full price!
.: Somnia :. Retro Flirt Ad Set 1
.: Somnia :. Retro Flirt Ad Set 2
Remember they are only 100L until I get up on Monday and then they go back up to their full price of 200L so grab them now for 50% OFF!!!

Only at Somnia Main Store. Be sure to check out Seraphim for a list of all the other stores in La Venta Eventa this week & Photos.

❤ I have rereleased the gatcha sets Christmasy Leggings & Christmasy Tees from last year. they are 15L a try or you can buy all the tees for 200L or all the leggings for 200L or even better ou can get BOTH the tees & leggings for only 300L. There are a total of 23 leggings and 25 tees. They are in the back of the store in one of the cubbys next to the Roit Vendor.
.: Somnia :. Christmasy Tees Gatcha Ad
.: Somnia :. Christmasy Leggings Gatcha Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store.

❤ I have updated the riot vendor & Fortune teller I hope to do the lucky chair & fishing set this week as well.
.: Somnia :. Gothic Lace Vests
.: Somnia :. Weave Tanks Ad

I think thats it for now as if this wasn’t long enough right?

All my love and thanks
Sanura ❤

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