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Somnia gets painting

January 1, 2012

Hai you beautiful, shining fireworks,

❤ I was asked by the lovely & talented Kesseret Steeplechase to join her for a wonderful event called Etheria . This years theme was “Painted Ladies”. Painted Ladies were basically women of the night in the old west. This event was interesting because the Jewelers pick the clothing designer and then the clothing is designed to go with the jewelry . It really was a bit different than my normal but I had so much fun working it out. I hope you enjoy it!

Miao Heather Jewelry Set
They are 100L for just the Earrings & 200L for just the Necklace!

.: Somnia :. Christine Etheria Dress Ad
You can buy just the Dresses for only 275L

Miao Somnia Christine & Heather Set Ad
Or you can buy BOTH the Jewelry & Dresses for the discounted price of ONLY 400L

You can get them only at Etheria Painted Ladies.

The participants for Etheria “Painted Ladies” are
Kesseret Steeplechase / MIAO working with Sanura Snowpaw, Somnia
Caroline Apollo / Caroline’s Jewelry working with Anessa Stine, DCNY
Lola Heinrichs / Lolapop working with Allegory Malaprop, Schadenfreude
Mouse Mimistrobell / Dark Mouse working with Sienia Trevellion, Lark!
Liliana Barrs / Undefined Lilies working with Dakota Buck, Whippet & Buck

❤ Today is the last day of the Snowball hunt so if you haven’t started or finished now is the time to snag some amazing FREEBIES as well as some killer STEALS! Half are free some cost between 10-100L and all are fab deals! We all hid in and around each others stores so make sure you grab the notecard below for all the LMs.

Check here for a round up of what Somnia has out!

Make sure to check inside all the stores because you will find snowballs in & around all of them from all the stores 🙂







Pulse/Snatch City 5th Annual GREAT SNOWBALLl HUNT!

❤ I wish you all a funtastical new year, please remember if you are out partying to have a sober driver or check here to see if there is a local FREE service to help you get home safely!

All my love and thanks
❤ Sanura

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