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Somnia Celebrates

January 24, 2012

Hello you yummeh slices of cake,

❤ I have so much to celebrate and I wanted to include all of you as well, today is my RL birthday (we won’t mention how old I am now), it has been a year this month since I have rebranded from *Dreams* to Somnia and I just updated the entire look of the store as well as Somnia’s logo!

.: Somnia :. Celebration Sale

What does all this mean to you guys? A SALE EVERYTHING in the store is 50% or MORE off except new releases & gift cards. You can use your store credit on the sale items and you will still earn store credit with every sale!

Only at Somnia Main Store.

❤ I have also restocked the lucky chair, fortune teller & riot vendor!
Lucky Chairs
.: Somnia :. Harlequin Cardis Ad
.: Somnia :. Imported from... White Text Ad
.: Somnia :. Spring Halters Ad
.: Somnia :. Velvet Snow Skirts

Fortune Teller
.: Somnia :. Tubular Argyle Mini Dresses Set 4

Riot Vendor
.: Somnia :. Retro Flirt Ad Set 1

❤ I told you all in the last notice to stay tuned and stay tuned for some more goodness coming this week!

All my love and thanks ❤


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