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Somnia is gonna getcha

February 14, 2012

Hello you nomable little cupcakes,

❤ Back to Black is a wonderful event to promote awareness for mental health there are several themes and mine was courage, I’ll admit I was quite stumped for what to do but I think these two sets are totally purrfect! Back to Black ends Feb 29th.
.: Somnia :. Taken Names Set Ad
.: Somnia :. Kickin' Ass Set Ad

The Taken Names set includes a black tank & 7 pairs of yoga pants with sculpted cuffs & waist tie.
The Kickin’ Ass set includes 7 Tanks and a pair of black yoga pants with sculpted cuffs & waist tie.

BOTH sets include the gold cross necklace & MESH boxing gloves. (You will need to be on a viewer cabale of seeing mesh to se the boxing gloves.)

Both sets are only 100L during the Back to Black event.

Only at Back to Black in the Courage Area.

❤ I have a slight weakness for Gatcha machines so when I was invited to the Amira Love Gatcha Event I was thrilled and I made these UBER CUTE yoga pants with fun playful saying on the butt they also have sculpted cuffs and ties at the waist. THe best part is they are only 20L a try! The Love Gatcha Event ends Feb. 16th. They are no copy so you can trade them as well or give them as gifts!!

.: Somnia :. Gatcha Yoga Pants Ad

And they match the super cute T-ball tees from Sn@tch, which you also find at the Gatcha Festival for only 20L also.

Only at Amira Love Gatcha Festival.

❤ The theme for this months round of Flux is Mardi Gras so I wanted to do something fun & sexy and I think this set covers that!! This months round ends Feb 29th. This set includes 7 feather trimmed bras, 7 matching panties & 7 matching thongs for only 100L.
.: Somnia :. Feathered Harlot Ad

Only at Flux.

All my love and thanks ❤

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