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Somnia goes gray for a cause!

April 8, 2012

Hello you sugary peeps,

This week we began Wear Gray 2012. This is the third year of our Wear Gray event in Second Life (SL). I’m sure many of you know the story behind this Wear Gray event, but I would like to tell it again now for those of you who do not know why I Wear Gray.

In August of 2009 I lost my cousin after an almost 10 year battle with brain cancer. It was an exceedingly difficult battle for him and my family to wage and one that ultimately claimed his life. That following September I heard of an event in RL (real life) called Wear Gray for a Day. Basically this event aspires to raise awareness about brain cancer and brain tumors by encouraging people to wear grey one day of the year. I found myself quite moved by this event and with sadness fresh in my heart I aspired to find a way to raise awareness in SL.
At this time I had only just begun learning how to make clothing, but I felt like I could scrap together a simple gray tee shirt and then pass them out along with a note card telling about what Wear Gray for a Day was and why I was asking people to wear my gray shirt for a single day. I had hoped people would take the tee and wear it and perhaps learn a little about brain cancer, but the response my effort received went beyond my highest expectations. I became overwhelmed by the influx of instant messages, note cards, and responses of all types from many, many people all wanting to contribute, donate, and involve themselves in some way in spreading knowledge about this disease.

The Public response was so overwhelming I decided to go with the flow of the momentum my efforts were gaining even though I really had no clue what I was doing. In that first year I raised nearly 900 US dollars that I donated to the American Cancer Society. The Following year I forged ahead with a better understanding of event planning and fund raiser organization, and a partner, Arora Zanzibar, who’s tireless effort and unwavering dedication helped guide this event to a result I could never have hoped to achieve alone. In this second year we expanded to a sim wide event and raised a little over $2000.00 US Dollars for the American Brain Tumor Society.

I still remember the last time I spoke to Kevin. We shared stories about when we were kids, and he laughed at one where he had shoved an eraser up his nose. We all knew Kevin had precious little time left, but he smiled and laughed in spite of everything. That memory of him laughing is among my most precious and it fills me with strength and drives me to continue in my efforts with Wear Gray.

The items below are donating 100% to Wear Gray and if they aren’t your cup of tea that’s ok but still come down and check everything out. With over 80 brands contributing more than 300 vendors, all of which are donating 100% to the American Brain Tumor Socity, you are sure to find something you love.

.: Somnia :. Bow Tied Leggings Gatcha Ad
Only 20L a try and donating 100%

.: Somnia :. Cranioiselle Ad
Half off for the duration of Wear Gray, Only 100L for the set.

.: Somnia :. Criss Cross Waders Ad
Half off for the duration of Wear Gray, Only 100L for the set.

.: Somnia :. Wear Gray Hunt Item Ad
Only 10L all you need to do is find the brain inside Somnia on the Wear Gray sim.

Also everything in the Somnia store on the Wear Gray sim is also donating 50% for the duration.
.: Somnia :.  50% Donation Sign

Only at Wear Gray. Also check out the Wear Gray blog to learn more about the event or follow Wear Gray on Plurk.

❤ Also I am in Disco Deals this week I was so busy getting ready for Wear Gray I simply didn’t have time to do anything else new so I put out two of my favorites for only 75L per set.
.: Somnia :. Striped Queen Black Ad
.: Somnia :. Striped Queen White Ad

Only at Disco Deals

All my love and thanks ❤


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