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Somnia wishes you Happeh Holidays

December 21, 2012

Hai there you curly q ribbions,

♥ I’m thrilled to be invited to My Attic at The Deck the theme is countdown and for me and most of the world is New Year’s Eve which for me and my family has always meant staying up to watch Rockin’ New Years Eve with Dick Clark so that is where I went with it when I created this top!! Even better each set is only 95L each!!

.: Somnia :. Harmonic Fusion BlackAd
.: Somnia :. Harmonic Fusion WhiteAd

Only @ Somnia @ My Attic

♥ I sent out a GIFTY in Somnia’s inworld and subscriber group I hope you join one to grab your gift and stick around to enjoy all Somnia has to offer!
To join Somnia’s inworld group you can copy and paste this in chat and click secondlife:///app/group/30cdfb68-d63c-b9be-1a12-77515225b2f5/about it is always free to join!
To join the subscriber group come to the main store and click one of the signs you will also need to click to see past notices and grab the gift!

.: Somnia :. Velvet Shimmer Group Gift Ad

♥ Don’t forget to get your free gifts from the KittyCatS advent calendar as well remember if you miss a day you can always go back and click Somnia is day 10!
.: Somnia :. Chritsmas Tables Ad

Only @ KittyCats Advent Calendar

♥ If you haven’t Somnia make sure you join My SecondBox samples are still in the notices so make sure you hop in and grab yours before it closes on the 28th For more information you can visit
.: Somnia :. Knitted Mess Ad for My SecondBox
Somnia’s sample gift includes 2 Mesh tops in 5 sizes each, a mesh mini skirt in 7 sizes and 2 pairs of leggings on all layers.

To join the group please just copy and paste this into chat and click! secondlife:///app/group/2b7a89ed-1a4e-ac6f-42f1-3c9471b7f44f/about remember it costs 300L but you will get 5 gifts from different stores!

♥ Don’t forget to come grab your hunt gifty for only 10L the hunt ends Dec 28th I am terrible at hiding things so it should be pretty easy to find but the hint is “Make sure you give Odd Ball a little scritch behind the ears for doing such a wonderful job “guarding” over the hunt prize!”

.: Somnia :. Velvet Shimmer

Only @ Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤

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