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Somnia gets crackin’

September 14, 2013

Hai there you adorable unicorns,

♥ I have got a buncha new releases for you guys this week so let’s get to them huh?
This dress is bring back the Mod Squad With a fun and funky diamond print in 8 colors how can you go wrong. Only 200L for the whole set.
.: Somnia :. Bohemian Diamond Ad

This dress is a bit on the demure side for when you are feeling a bit angelic or just trying to hide your wild side. It also comes in 8 colors and is only 200L for the whole set.
.: Somnia :. Celestial Lace Ad

These will be purrfect for working out or just lounging around the house they were designed with each other in mind but can totally be worn separately there are 8 colors in each set and each set is only 200L
.: Somnia :. High Impact Ad
.: Somnia :. Low Impact Ad

All of these are only available at Somnia Main Store.

♥ It is time for the annual cart sale once again and I have some new and some older stuff there for you guys!
These are both exclusive colors for the Cart Sale and are only 10L each as is everything at the cart sale!
.: Somnia :. Celestial Lace Peach Ad
.: Somnia :. Bohemian Diamond Yellow Ad

These are some oldies but goodies and are only 10 each set as well!
There is also a free gifty at the Cart Sale so be sure to grab it!
.: Somnia :. Feathered Harlot Ad
.: Somnia :. Simple Tees Light Ad
.: Somnia :. Simple Tees Dark Ad
.: Somnia :. Button Flap Shorts Ad

Only at Somnia at the Washes Cart Sale.

♥ Today The Autumn Effect hunt by Depraved Nation starts and I have this lovely set for you all for FREE!
.: Somnia :. Lustrous Ad
For more information about the hunt please click here.

HINT: Mc Dreamy, CrayoN & Goofy Steve decided to help hide this prize but couldn’t quite get it in the basket.
Only at Somnia Main Store.

♥ Also all previous event exclusive items are now in Somnia’s main store.
.: Somnia :. Comic Tanks Gatcha Ad
.: Somnia :. Floozy Bandit Shorts Ad
.: Somnia :. Tied Up Zigs Ad
.: Somnia :. City Scape Day Ad.: Somnia :. City Scape Night Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store.

All my love and thanks ❤

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