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Le’ Somnia

November 16, 2013

Hai there you nibbely sugar plums,

I have got loads to tell you about so lets get started shall we?

♥ First up is the third round of The Thrift Shop! These are my New Releases for this event and they are on sale for only 95L as well as everything else I have out at the event!!
.: Somnia :. Skeletia Ad
.: Somnia :. Doohios Ad

Make sure you stop by and check everything out!! I even have a free gift there for you all!
Only at Somnia at The Thrift Shop

♥ This week for Lazy Sunday I have not 1 but TWO brand new sets for you all!! Only 75L until Monday or whenever I remember to take them down LOL
.: Somnia :. Wise Who Sweaters Ad
.: Somnia :. Moopsie Dress Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ And a reminder the inworld Somnia group has finally hit 300 members and to celebrate I have sent out a gifty to all group members!! I thought I would let all of you know as well so if you wanted to you could join the group and snag the gifts, hopefully you will stick around in the group as well but no pressure!! As always it is free to join!! To make it easier for you this is the URL that will bring up the group as well you will just need to copy and paste it into chat. I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support of Somnia!


♥ One more reminder this set still has some available until Nov 30th!!
.: Somnia :. Sensuous Glitz Metallics Ad

Only at Somnia at Limited50

All my love and thanks ❤


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