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Festive Somnia

December 21, 2013

Hai there you stripey candy canes,

I’ve got some new releases, some special stuff to tell you all about so how about we get down to it huh?

♥ First up are some normal releases!
This party dress is sure to wow everyone at all your holiday parties!
.: Somnia :. Velveteen Spangle Ad
You guys asked for these sweaters in solid colors and here they are! There is a suggestion box on the table in the middle of the store if you would like to make a suggestion!
.: Somnia :. Poofcake Ad
Oki these two sets sort of go together. Get them both and you can mix and match to your hearts content!
Set 1 comes with 8 tees and 2 vests.
.: Somnia :. Regality Set 1 Ad
Set 2 comes with 2 Tees and 8 vests.
.: Somnia :. Regality Set 2 Ad

And each set is only 200L!!

Only at Somnia Main Store!

♥ Frost winter event by Depraved Nation runs until Jan 5th so be sure to pick up the 2 new exclusive items at only 95L each set! Also be sure to check out the Trees in the centerish area there are loads of gifts under them as well as 3 from Somnia!
This sexy dress might not keep you warm but sure will look fab at all your holiday parties!
.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad
This is a simple warm winter sweater to keep you nice and toasty!
.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad

Only at Somnia @ Frost

♥ I am excited to be apart of the KittyCatS Advent Calender again this year and my day is the 15th & the 20th but the great thing about their advent calender is if you miss a day you can go back and grab it until the Jan 6th and there has already been some GREAT gifts with of course more to come so don’t miss out!! If you click a day and it says you already go that gift but you didn’t please send Kitten Longmeadow a notecard with the day you are missing and your full SL name and she will get in touch with the vendor to have it redelivered.
These adorable sweaters will be available in the advent calender for day 15!
.: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper Ad

Day 20 is a set of 6 christmasy kitteh beds but you could also use them as home decor.

Grab yours from the KittyCatS Advent Calender on Snatch City

♥ The 25 for 25 hunt is still going until the 30th so don’t forget to grab this gifty now for only 25L!! For more info about the hunt and to see some of the other awesome prizes check out
Hint: “The kittehs got a bit distracted trying to hide the heart so I just left it lie, besides if I told them it wasn’t done very well they would pout and tear up the furniture”
.: Somnia :. Jailbird 25for25 Hunt Ad

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ There are MORE lucky boards!!! Every style is in its own board with all the colors of that style. They are set on a 2 minute timer with frequent wildcards as well to help you collect them all!
.: Somnia :. Tight Squeeze Ad Hot Pink
.: Somnia :. TIght Squeeze Ad Lavender
.: Somnia :. Maiden Hussy Ad Khaki
.: Somnia :. Maiden Hussy Ad Powder
.: Somnia :. Snoogle Woogle Ad Powder
.: Somnia :. Snoogle Woogle Ad Rose

There are EVEN more colors you can see all the items in Somnia’s Lucky Boards here!

Only at Somnia Main Store.

Whew that is it for this week but next week I will have loads more stuff for all of you 😀

All my love and thanks ❤

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