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Luffs from Somnia

January 11, 2014

Hai there you special snowflakes,

♥ Some more new releases!
.: Somnia :. Nyitia Ad
Super cute belted mini skirts!

.: Somnia :. Zhevios Ad
I Love these high waisted pants!

.: Somnia :. Pixel Heart Ad
This was also the gift for reachign 2000 members but I was asked if I would put it out for sale because some people missed it!

Each set only 200L

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ Somnia is part of Lazy Sunday this week!! So you can grab this new set for only 75L until Monday!
.: Somnia :. Boffle Ad
This might be my fav set of the week! You can wear the Cardigan separately but not the shirt as it is just a shell. But they are not linked together for maximum mixability!

Only at Somnia Main Store

♥ There are MORE lucky boards!!! Every style is in its own board with all the colors of that style. They are set on a 2 minute timer with frequent wildcards as well to help you collect them all! Below are a few colors of each style please check here for all the colors!
.: Somnia :. Oh La La Ad Lime.: Somnia :. Cuddle Smush Ad Lavender.: Somnia :. Ecliptic Vortex Ad Peach.: Somnia :. Hot Toddy Ad Hot Pink.: Somnia :. Bunker Pegs Ad Olive.: Somnia :. Perky Frost Ad Lime

Starting next week I will be retiring some of the lucky boards. So each board will have 30 days before I retire them. I am debating what I may do with them afterwards if you have any sugguestions please feel free to drop them in the sugguestion box on the table in the center of the store.

Only at Somnia Main Store

All my love and thanks ❤

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