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Somnia’s Help Kassie Sale

September 27, 2015

Hai everyone!

I am holding a sale with everything* at Somnia’s main store is 50% off. This sale is to help me raise funds so I can get my dog the surgery she needs to repair her knee. I also have started a Go Fund me the link is below. Anything you can do to help out from passing on about the sale, go fund me, donating by shopping or even $1 helps greatly.

*not including marketplace, gift cards or current event items.

.: Somnia :. Help Kassie Sale//

♥ Below is all about it which can also be seen on the go fund me link

Today I put aside my pride and ask for your help. Our poor dog Kassie ruptured her anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament. Which in laymen terms means she blew out her knee. This could get better in time but the reality is that if left to heal on its own she will have many complications later which will cause her even more pain.

She was just running in the yard when all of a sudden she was limping and could no longer put weight on her leg.

We adopted Kassie a short 5 years ago when she was just a little sleepy thing, at the time we were told she was half golden retriever and half terrier mix mutt but we strongly believe she is really half chocolate lab. She has the craziest ears which give her so much character, we call her Moose because in a household of small dogs she seems like a giant. She is one of the sweetest most loving dogs I’ve ever known, she is one that will kiss you to death. Even as she was being examined at the vets office today she was kissing the vet’s face as they looked at her obviously painful leg. Whatever she really is, we know one thing… she is well loved and we hate seeing her in pain.

Sadly due to the loss of my husband’s job that ate up all our savings we do not have any other options but to ask for help for her.

This cost will hopefully cover her surgery, meds, blood work, xrays and follow up visits.

Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated from 1$ to just passing the information on when and where you are able. Thank you very much ❤

thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Sanura Snowpaw ♥

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